Dolphins vs Patriots – LivE

The New England Patriots’ run of excellence is one of the great achievements in sports. The Patriots clinched their 18th consecutive winning season with a win against the Minnesota Vikings last week. As everyone knows, clinching a winning season isn’t nearly good enough for the Patriots. They have much bigger goals ahead as they face the Miami Dolphins on Sunday at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET

Dolphins vs Patriots LivE

With a win Sunday afternoon in sunny Miami, the New England Patriots could win their 10th straight AFC East Crown and begin to focus on securing a first-round bye for the upcoming playoffs.

Defensive back Patrick Chung on why it’s tough to beat the Dolphins on the road: “They play good at home. They’re 5-1 at home, 1-5 on the road. It’s two totally different teams. They’re a good team regardless. They have a lot of good players, lot of explosive players. They’re dealing with some injuries, but they’re still a good team and they’re at home and they’re going to be ready for us.”

Bill Belichick on Brown graduate and current Patriots fullback James Develin: “He’s just earned everybody’s respect by his daily performance. Nobody grinds it out harder than James does whether it’s offensively or in the kicking game. Preparation, training in the weight room, he’s just a hard-working kid that just grinds it out every day. Quiet, doesn’t say much, but his actions are strong and I think everybody appreciates and recognizes his commitment to the team and how much he puts into it, how tough and dependable he is. He just shows up every day and does it. I mean, you can count on it. You really can set your watch on it. He’ll be there, he’ll work hard, he’ll do everything you ask him to do, he’ll be ready to go. I think without a doubt, everybody in the entire building feels that way because it just happens every single day.”

Defacto defensive coordinator Brian Flores on linebacker Kyle Van Noy’s improved play: “I think he brings a great deal of energy to the group. I guess he comes off as a quiet guy at times, but he’s got a lot of energy, he’s got a great spirit about him, people gravitate to him, he’s smart, he’s versatile, he does a good job with the younger players. He’s just a really good teammate. I would say that would be first and foremost. That’s what I’d say about it. Then he’s, obviously, very talented, good size, good strength – you know, all the measurables. But, the big thing for me is he’s a great teammate, he’s selfless, he’ll do whatever we ask him to do, winning’s important to him. Those are things we covet here, and he embodies a lot of those. He has a lot of those qualities.”